Adopting Telehealth for Your Specialty Practice


Adopting a tehealth solution can seem like a daunting task. Maybe you're thinking about the pains of transitioning your own technology systems or the introduction of mandatory EMRs several years ago, so you might be thinking that telehealth can't work for your practice. Telehealth doesn’t have to be complicated or impersonal. With benefits like seeing your own patients, at a time that works for both of you, in a way that means billable hours for your practice, telehealth should be considered a great option for any medical provider. 

As more and more specialty practices are joining the telehealth movement, patients are seeing access to better, more affordable care while providers are maximizing time spent with patients with the most urgent needs. In a recent article from mHealth Intelligence, Doximity, an online professional medical network, posted results from the first-ever analysis of physician interest in telemedicine. The survey cited a 20 percent increase in telehealth interest, essentially doubling the number of interested physicians over the last several years. The top 10 specialties showing interest in telemedicine are:

  1. Radiology
  2. Psychiatry
  3. Internal Medicine
  4. Neurology
  5. Family Medicine
  6. Dermatology
  7. Pediatrics
  8. Emergency Medicine
  9. Geriatrics
  10. Allergy & Immunology

Many specialty medical practices, in addition to the ones named here, can take advantage of the benefits of a telehealth solution like V2MD by MediSprout. V2MD connects doctors with their patients using secure two-way video, promoting continuity of care by keeping doctors and patients better connected between visits - an important facet of care particularly for specialty medicine. V2MD also provides an easy way to refill prescriptions, review test results, ask questions or update a care plan. Free for providers, V2MD helps maximize billable time by monetizing after-hours care and communications like calls backs and follow-ups.  For patients, it allows fast, easy and affordable access to their physician without the need to miss work or school. 

If you are a specialty physician interested in a telehealth solution for your practice, visit: Your specialty practice can be ready to host customized HIPAA-compliant video visits with patients in as little as 5 minutes. Join with V2MD today to reimagine how your specialty practice delivers healthcare.