The Best 30 Minutes You Can Spend Today

Thirty minutes. You can do a lot in thirty minutes. 

Or not. 

You can take thirty minutes of your day today to call one patient about a prescription refill or review test results or respond to emails about a patient’s next treatment steps. These thirty minutes are likely after hours and almost definitely non-billable. 

Or you can spend thirty minutes making your life easier (and your practice more profitable too).

How? By offering reimbursable virtual care via video.

Virtual care is not like those other technologies that people promise will make your practice better, while all they do is take all of your time and resources. Virtual care is quick to set-up, easy to use and billable. 

Think about a resource where patients can virtually submit a request when they have a question, your phone triage team can connect with the patient face to face on a computer or smartphone, and then submit these non-office visits to insurance. It is all about spending less time answering the phone and more time scheduling reimbursable video calls

Have your scheduler fill in no-shows and open appointments quickly with people who don’t have to see you in person, which means you can  save your valuable office time for those patients who need it most. 

Imagine a day where you don’t have to answer after-hours emails and callbacks because those questions were scheduled for tomorrow via your virtual care portal. 

Imagine a day where you are able to treat your patients while they are on vacation, away at college, stuck at home with their four kids - all without having to make them come to the office. 

Imagine a day where you can leave the office knowing that you don’t have to spend hours working from home or returning calls.

Imagine passing up on these because you don’t think that this is possible in 30 minutes.

Imagine if it is!